Wooden Floor Restoration – we’ll make it shine like new!

We can restore water damaged, lifting, scuffed or scratched floors:

  • Parquet Blocks
  • Parquet Mosaics
  • Solid Wood – Oregon, Pine, Teak etc.
  • Engineered Wood
  • Wooden Decks
  • Other Fixtures – see Doors/Skirtings/Windows

In order to restore wooden flooring we would revive your floors in the following way:  We would sand the floors three times in order to level, clean and make the floors smooth.

We would then proceed to treat the floors with four layers of our own unique sealer called Hugo’s Hard Seal (nothing but the best for your floors). We use various other Sealers some of which are imported water based Sealers. The Imported Sealers come in a matt or shine finish, dry very quickly and have no fumes. They leave the floors with a hard, durable finish and are very popular for high traffic areas.

We can also stain floors to customer’s specifications – which is done before the treatment is applied.

This sealer is our own formulation which has been developed and perfected over the last 52 years. It is a high quality floor treatment formula. It consists of a polyurethane base with a resin mix. Before application it is mixed with a catalyst to ensure that the finish on the floor is hard and durable.

We then hand-sand the floors between each application of treatment.

The maintenance of the floors we restore is minimal. All that is required is that the floors be swept regularly. We recommend that you mop the floors once every three to four weeks with a damp mop. Should anything spill on the floor, simply wipe it up with a damp cloth.

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