Solid Wood Floors

Our expert consultants are at hand to help you design a wooden floor.

The process of having a new wooden floor installed is as simple as contacting us. Our expert consultants will help you design a wooden floor according to your needs taking into account the environment in which you live, the structure of your home as well as the practicality of different types of wooden flooring.

With Hugo’s Floors and More you can be sure the job will be done correctly the first time around providing you with a floor that will last you a life time as well as add value to your home/workplace.

There are various types of wooden floors that can be installed namely:

    1. New mosaic flooring – which is a small finger type block flooring and is installed onto a flat screed with a two-part polyurethane based cold process;
    2. New parquet flooring – is a larger block (approximately the size of your foot) which is also installed onto a flat screed with a hot bitumen process;
    3. New wood strip flooring – which can be from various types of wood being Oregon Pine, Canadian Deal, Beach wood just to mention a few. This type of flooring is installed onto bearers and under beams and therefore cannot be installed onto a flat screed;
    4. Solid wood strip flooring – such as Birch wood, Oak or Teak strip flooring which can be installed onto a screed with cleats or adhesive.
    5. Engineered Solid wood flooring – is more stable than solid wood strip flooring. This flooring is made with the same thickness as a solid plank, but is designed to reduce and stabilise movement. Engineered floors generally use a click floor system, without adhesives, making it a “floating floor”, which is quick and easy to install. It is available in a wide range of eco-friendly wood types such as Jatoba, Oak, Maple and Walnut – raw or stained.
    6. Sports flooring – Havea a solid wood strip sports flooring is used in gyms, indoor courts and is designed specifically for this purpose.

With Hugo’s Flooring we help you to maintain and nurture your floors for life times. See Restorations for details on how we would sand and treat your new floors.

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